Displaced Yankee, honorary Cajun, student, baker, cook, foodie, swimmer.

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  1. I am asking there is anyone who knows if the Blue Heron has been published yet. The author is Howard Moore, I read a brilliant excerpt , about 50 pages, from it on line last summer but this has been removed now but the author said he hoped to finish the book by Christmas 2013 and publish by the summer 2014 if all went well, There was an update in early December 2013 saying nearly finished
    Does anyone have any advice how I can track this down, I can’t wait to read the finished novel because what I read was thoroughly captivating
    and a vivid description of central Louisiana sweltering during an oppressive summer
    thanks Penny

  2. How did you get Goodreads 2014 reading challenge code to work on your blog? I have been trying with no avail because WordPress does not accept JavaScript so I just put the image with the link.

    • I copied the html code for the widget from the ‘Edit Profile’ section of Goodreads, then I pasted it into a ‘Text’ Widget on the WordPress Widgets Menu. I hope that helps!

  3. Found and Just read The Blue Heron by Howard Moore now on Kindle, compelling, twists and turns, unexpected ending written by a strange mind, great read sorry I’m not Rachel but the Blue Heron by Howard Moore is set in the central Louisianan swamplands you might enjoy it its brilliant howe you reach Rachel

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