Redhead in Scrubs: Surprises

In absolutely no way is anything in this series to be taken as advice.  I am not an expert in how to get accepted to medical school – I’ve been rejected exponentially more than I’ve been accepted.  If there was a formula to get in, I’d share it – but there isn’t.  Everyone who is accepted gets to that point a different way.

Until this year, I’ve gotten one interview each year, and always at the University of Tennessee.  Things have been different this year.  It’s funny how it’s become ingrained in me that I get one interview per year, and anything beyond that is a shock.

In July, I got my interview invitation for LECOM – Seton Hill.  I was napping after a graveyard shift at the time, and I thought (actually, legitimately believed) that it was a prank at first.  I’d never even heard of getting an interview invitation so early.

I had already been accepted to LECOM for about a week when I got the second interview invitation, for COMP-Northwest.  Matt and I were on our way out to dinner, and I was shocked.  I had thought that it was over for the year.  It really hadn’t ever occurred to me that I’d get more than one interview for the year, especially since I’d already gotten in.  Not only did I think I was finished, I was comfortable with that.

This year’s University of Tennessee interview was more of a surprise than usual.  UTHSC tends to send out their invitations at strange hours – my first came at 8:45 pm, my second at 5:30, and this year’s at 9:15 on a Friday night.  The really shocking part about that one was that it only gave me three days’ notice.  Even though the invitation came weeks after COMP-NW’s, the interview was over a week before it.

There is (in my head, anyway) a ‘sweet spot’ for interviews from September through January.  Anything before that seems unusual, and anything after it feels like interviewing for the wait list.  That being said, Osteopathic schools work on a slightly different timetable than Allopathic schools.  But anyway, my point is that yet again, I was pretty sure that I was finished with interviews. Shows what I know.

Yesterday at work, I checked my email only to find my fourth interview invitation of the year – for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Georgia Campus.  I had to read it three times before it sunk in.  So, with the thought process that options are always nice things to have – wish me luck!


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